Out of office – here I come

What makes a great advertisement? To properly answer this question, one can spend hours with discussions. As in many cases, one size does not fit all. So while we might not agree on the criteria or definition for a great advertisement, I’m sure each one of us has seen an advertisement which was brilliantly done & spoke to the heart. We still remember where and when we saw it, and what it was about.

For me, it was an advertisement from a bank with an out of office message, nicely framed by an airplane window with a starry night in the background.

While I did not include everything in the photo, I remember that I took the photo in the jet bridge between the gate and our airplane at Schiphol Airport on our way back from a family weekend in Amsterdam in 2017. The advertisement was run by a bank, and yes financial stability provides you with more freedom to fulfil your dreams. Travelling is a big dream for many people, including myself. While it is not clear where one is headed to, the advertisement is enough to spark the imagination of the viewer and is therefore so powerful.

It’s been a while since I took my last long distance overnight flight, but there are a few things which compare to the excitement of sitting in a plane, next to the window and following the course of the day as it ends and begins again. Unfortunately my camera was not able to capture the starry night, but I can guarantee that it was spectacular. Luckily, I did manage to get a good shot of the view before the sun was setting.

Until soon, 

Aline ☀️

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