January as a Trial Period for 2024

If January was a trial period for 2024, would you continue with it? It’s not like any one of us really has a choice, but my answer is yes and here’s why.

Amazing Snow for Skiing

It’s been some years since the last time we had so much snow in January. So I did not want to miss my chance to spend as much time as possible skiing. It’s just great to spend a day or half a day outdoors on the slopes. If it’s foggy, chances are high to see the sun if you go up high enough. If you still don’t get to see the sun at higher altitudes, at least you got some really fresh air.  Thus there is really no reason to stay home and not go skiing. Life is simple (at least with regards to skiing).

First time at the WEF in Davos

Did you know that there are events open for the public at the WEF? Well, I did not until late last year when I’ve heard about this for the first time. Yes, there is of course a very restricted part to which you really need to be invited. However, there are plenty of other events you can register and get the chance to attend. So I decided to go and signed up for a couple of events.

As I did not plan to stay overnight, I had to get up really early. To be precise, I got up at 5am to be in Davos around 8am. I did not have any particular expectations for the day and was just eager to listen, see and learn. I’ve registered for three different “Houses” which hosted different events all day long. I also visited three other houses without having previously registered. So yes, I did get to listen to many different talks (from “women’s participation in the workforce” to “financing issues in third world countries for local farmers”), see different exhibitions (my favourites were at the two Saudi Arabia houses) and learn (do you know how coffee is made in Saudi Arabia and into which parts you can decompose a creative process?). 


It took me a while to digest all of my impressions and overall I’m happy to have gone to Davos (even though getting up at 5am was brutal as I haven’t done that in a while). I think I will consider going again at some point in the future, but then pre-register to more events and houses. I’m a bit sad having missed the house of Switzerland and the AI house, but then there wouldn’t not be a reason to go back again, would there?

New Year’s resolutions

How are yours going? For anybody who is reading my newsletter, you might remember the excerpt on the right from the last one. In hindsight I probably already knew that I was not going to make it, because the statement was followed by one of my favourite emojis – this one 🙄. I’m one of 43% who failed by the end of January with regards to my goal to post every week on my website. On the bright side, I have 11 months left to improve my posting rate. So let’s see how it will go. I’m happy to having posted twice in January and finally having installed the newsletter. Thus, the glas is obviously half full and not half empty. (In case you would like to subscribe to my newsletter, a sign-up field is available below.)

“One of my new year’s resolutions for 2024 is to post every week on my website. Let’s see how it goes. Apparently, 23% quit their new year’s resolution after the first week, 43% at the end of January … ”

In summary January treated me well. The snow conditions were great, I wen to a couple of really cool events (not only the WEF) and am learning a lot while failing some of my new year’s resolutions. I hope you can also look back on a successful January and are as much looking forward to the next 11 months as I am.

Until soon (maybe next week or in my newsletter? 😉),


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