Hi there! My name is Aline and I’m from Switzerland. I use this page to keep track of what is of interest to me and what I would like to share with you – both at home and around the world. My blog covers some of the places I’ve traveled to and anything else, which crosses my mind and I feel worthwhile to share here with you.

I’m a member of Toastmasters since 2016 which is a global non-profit organization dedicated to public speaking and leadership. Part of this website is used to share material with other members of Toastmasters or anybody else who is interested in refining their public speaking and leadership skills.

Last but not least, I help individuals to prepare for speeches or work on their presentation skills. In case you are interested to work with me, drop me an email (see contact details below).


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“Start from wherever you are and with whatever you’ve got.” – Jim Rohn 🔥


You can reach out to me via aline@sunshinestreet124.com.

If you have questions regarding Toastmasters, please use the dedicated email-address TM@sunshinestreet124.com.

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